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Car Show I attend Weekly: On the Border Resturant, Route 1, New Brunswick NJ, Wednesday nights 5PM to 8PM
Car Show I attend Weekly: East Brunswick Mall, East Brunswick NJ, Every Sunday 4PM to 7PM
Car Show I attend Weekly: 653 West Edgar Road, Linden NJ, Every Monday from 5PM to 8:30PM
My Car's Magnetic Business Card
Display I made to hold my Business Cards at car shows
If you want to see my car up close then come to one of these shows I attend regularly. Getting my car ready for the swarm of NJ Citizens who want to learn about Electric Vehicles
If you want to learn about EV Charging, then download my EVPDF and read page 6. Go to
I usually get to the show first and reserve spaces for all the Electric Vehicles coming
No fooling around, we had 6 Tesla's, The Charge Up NJ Incentive from 2020 gave out $5000 to 6914 Electric Vehicles and 84% of them were Tesla's,  So, There are a lot of Tesla's around!
After the show me and my friends stopped at the East Brunswick Mall SuperChargers to fill up for our rides home.
But, before we go home it's time for some dinner!,  Car shows are draining and we need to fill up!
Edison Shopping Center, 2303 Woodbridge Ave CR-514 in Edison NJ) Wed Nights 5:30pm to 8:30pm Where the only Rita's Drive through is,  Come get a Rita's and check out the cars!
One side of a Display I made with Info about the Tesla Model Y
Sign made by
One of my Cartoon slides I had made from Kong_Vector from Fiverr
EV Car Shows,  Car Shows where EVs wil be at.
Thanks to the Galloping Hill Cruisers for letting us attend their Gasoline Vehicle Car Shows! It's much appreciated!
Was showing people that we have 12 other EVs in that direction
ModernSpare makes Spare Tires for cars that do not come with a spare,  Unfortunately it's too big to fit in the Frunk.
I added these very loud yellow letters so that people can find my website and learn about my EV.
You can take pics of my car, When you share them please us the #NAY2GAS hashtag.
I carry around my Street Strider, which is an elliptical machine on 3 wheels that you can ride outside.