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When you buy a Tesla you get to name your car, and mine is
named "Dusty the Horse" and he says NAY 2 GAS!!!

My car is the 100% ELECTRIC,

No Gasoline whatsoever

2021 Tesla Model Y Long Range with All Wheel Drive and 330 Miles of range.

From the factory it goes Zero to 60 in 4.8 seconds.
From the smartphone APP or the touchscreen in the car I can
upgrade the Zero to 60 times to 4.2 seconds for $2000.

Can you do that with your Gasoline car?

The Tesla Model Y Long Range starts at $59,990

It costs me $10.80 to fill up at home and that gets me around 300 miles of range.

If you want to figure out how much it'll cost you to fill up a Model Y (like my car)
at your house then you need to find out what you pay per KiloWatt Hour(kWh) to your Electric Utility company,
Mine in Northern NJ is 14.4 cents, 0.144 x Battery Size(75kWh) = $10.80

Your range will depend on how you drive and where, is it local or mostly highway?, It's different for every person.
But I pay anywhere from ZERO DOLLARS to $35 a month for 1000 to 1200 miles.
The reason I say ZERO DOLLARS is sometimes I plug into public charging stations that are FREE to use.
Click on this image directly below to look at a post I made on Facebook that talks about this:
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One provider of these FREE CHARGING stations is named VoltaCharging and I have more info below:

Public EV Charging stations costs around $16 to $20 to fill up.

Maintenance consists of: wiper blades, wiper fluid, cabin air filter, rotating the tires,
new tires, 12 Volt Battery and the Brakes should last over 100,000 miles.

The main battery under the car should last you 500,000 miles
and if you baby it and charge it under strict guidelines you could drive
2 Million miles before needing a new one.

When's the last time you drove 2 Million miles in one car?

In New Jersey since 2014 there is no state inspection for 100% Electric Vehicles
(One more thing you don't have to do)

In NJ there's NO SALES TAX when you buy a 100% Electric Vehicle (EV)
(I did not have to pay $3555 because of this)

NJ has an EV Incentive named the "NJ Charge UP", It gives back $30,000,000 every year to NJ
residents who purchase a NEW Electric Vehicle. As of March 13th 2022 it has not started yet for 2022,
In previous years it started around July. When we know more we will post it, but you should copy the
following URL to research it yourself. It gave me back $5000 in 2021.
(click here)

There is a Federal Tax incentive for all Electric Vehicles that has been around for years,
Unfortunately, Tesla & Chevy do not get this any longer because they have sold too many EVs already.
There are rumors of a new Biden Green Act that may or may not happen, Your guess is as good as mine.
Click the following link to read more about it: Federal EV Tax Incentive: CLICK HERE

Be sure to visit www.Tesla.com to get the latest prices and configure your own new vehicle.

If you cannot afford a Tesla, there are lots of EVs priced from $19,900 to $45,000.
With the Federal EV Tax Incentive and NJ's no Sales tax you save a bundle,

For more info on all Electric Vehicles availble in the USA click the two links below:

Here's a great WEBSITE to research all Electric Vehicles available in the USA.
Here's a great ARTICLE to research all Electric Vehicles available in the USA.

With the Incentives mentioned above you could buy a Brand new 2022
150 mile range Nissan LEAF S for $19,900 out the door.
(with the NJ Charge UP incentive that just expired on Sept 15th 21
you could have gotten that price down to $16,150)

(click here)

If all these incentives happen then you could save up to $21,000 on a new Electric Vehicle in NJ!

* (For EVs purchased from Car Dealers: You might be able to save an additional $2500 with the Costco link below)

Here's all the Charging ports you'll find on Electric Vehicles in North America(click image to enlarge):
(click here)

If you happen to be buying solar for your home then click this link to save $500

Thanks, Sal Cameli

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Elon Musk & Tesla gave me a Christmas Present called "Light Show" and this is what it does:

Dusty video from above with sound:

Washing my car:

Sal Cameli aka UBUYGAS

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If you live in the city; The following group shows how EV owners
charge up with no driveway or reserved parking spot; EVchargingINtheCity.com

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I'm a Costco member and with Costco you can save up to $2500 off a new car
if you use their website. I was able to enter the car I wanted and Costo returned with a list
of car dealers they are associated with and I went to one of those dealers and they took off
another $2000!!
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With some browsers the link above won't work.
copy-clip: Sal@ElectricSal.com to send me an email.
Thanks!, Sal Cameli

Check out my previous electric vehicle here:
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Please Help me to pay for my car, I am an IT Consultant for 34 years, The last 18 I have worked for myself.
I can fix your Computers, Setup your new Mac or PC, Install Wifi throughout your house, Mount Security cameras
I can remotely help you in minutes if you're having an immediate issue with your laptop, pc or mac.
I also can run Ethernet Cabling and mount your new 85" TV, Click my photo above to read reviews from 14 of my clients.
You can contact me through that website above (when you click my photo) or you can contact me at: Sal@Cameli.US or 646-901-4778

Thanks, Sal Cameli

I go to a lot of EV Events where owners of EVs show off their own personal vehicle to help teach NJ citizens about Electric Vehicles.
I also go to Car Shows (almost 100% are FREE to attend show).
I try to attend the Galloping Hill Cruisers "Cruise for a Cause" Every Monday Night (their flyer is below)
Every Monday Night 5pm to 9pm - Come on down - If you want to show your car then come earlier - If you have an EV
then SMS TEXT me (646) 901-4778 and I'll save you a spot next to my car.
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I charge my Tesla on a lot of FREE to use EVcharging Stations. One provider of these stations is Volta,
they display advertisements on the stations and the advertisers pay for my Electricity and I drive for FREE!!!
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