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Dusty the horse says NAY 2 GAS!!!

NAY2GAS is a 2021 Tesla Model Y Long Range with
All Wheel Drive and 326 Miles of range.

When I created this website on (3-17-21) the Model Y Long Range started
at $49,990 and with all upgrades you can go up to $74,990

In NJ there is NO Sales Tax when you buy a 100% Electric Vehicle!
(I did not have to pay $3555 because of this)

On or around July 1st 2021 NJ should be getting a $5000 incentive and Biden
is pushing for a Federal GREEN plan that will allow you to get back up to $7000
on a purchase of a New Electric Vehicle. This GREEN plan may be based on your
Tax Liability. If you only paid $5000 to the IRS the year you bought your new EV
then that's most you can claim.

If all these incentives happen then you could save up to $18,000 on a new Electric Vehicle in NJ!

If the Tesla is too expensive for you then click the image below to download our
latest EV Info Brochure. Print & Share with your Friends & Family.
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Be sure to visit www.Tesla.com to get the latest prices and configure your own new vehicle.
If you do, then please use my personal referal link by clicking here and you'll get some free things
from Tesla and so will I,
Thank you Sal Cameli

With some browsers the link above won't work.
copy-clip: Sal@ElectricSal.com to send me an email.
Thanks!, Sal Cameli

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Dusty video from above with sound:

Washing my car:

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