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When you buy a Tesla you get to name your car, and mine is
named "Dusty the Horse" and he says NaYYY to GAS!!!

My car is the 100% ELECTRIC,

No Gasoline whatsoever

2021 Tesla Model Y Long Range with All Wheel Drive and 318 Miles of range.

It costs me $12.00 to fill up at home
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and that gets me around 318 miles of range.


TESLA keeps dropping the prices of all their vehicles!

You can deduct your tax liability to the IRS up to $7500 per vehicle purchased,
also New Jersey does not charge SALES TAX for 100% Electric Vehicles

NEW Tesla's are now in the $30,000's in NJ after incentives

I have seen used Tesla Model 3's selling for $25,000
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On December 16th 2012 I bought my 1st Electric Vehicle, I still own it today. I use it to help me save
a few parking spots in front of my Apartment Building in Jersey City because I charge out my window.
CLICK HERE to see videos on how I reserve parking spots and how I charge out my window.
There is an EV Charging station that was installed in 2021 that's 2.5 blocks away but it costs $18
to fill up there. At my apartment it costs $12.00 - It's usually less money to charge at your house.
Click my YouTube link below to see more content:

Unsure about Installing an EV Charger at your home?
Then you'll want to watch THIS VIDEO which was made by a friend of mine named Tom Moloughney
who has an extensive background in EV Charging and a Great YouTube Channel named "State of Charge"
which you should consider subscribing to.

I use the Tesla APP on my phone which controls the car
and one section is called Charge Stats and it shows how much
Electricity I've used in the past 31 days and at what cost:

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Just in time for School, Dusty The Horse T-Shirts, SweatShirts, Bags & Mugs!
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If you want to figure out how much it'll cost you to fill up
a Tesla Model Y (like my car) at your house then you need to find
out what you pay per KiloWatt Hour(kWh) to your Electric Utility company,
Mine in Northern NJ is 16.6 cents, 0.166 x Battery Size(75kWh) = $12.00

PSEG now has a special EV rate at night of only 6 cents per kwh,
that means you can fill up my car for only $4.50!!!. Unfortunately,
the day rate is like 27 cents per kWh, Maybe it makes sense if you're
not home all day long. For me I work from home and that does not work
and so I am staying with the standard rate of 16.6 cents 24 hours a day.

Your range will depend on how you drive and where, is it local or mostly highway?,
Do you drive your cars like you stole them or very conservative?, Do you race every car you see?
Just like a Gasoline vehicle, the more you stomp on the accelerator pedal the less your range will be.
It's different for every person. But I pay anywhere from ZERO DOLLARS to $35
a month for 1000 to 1500 miles. The reason I say ZERO DOLLARS is sometimes
I plug into public charging stations that are FREE to use.

Click on this image directly below to look at a post I made on Facebook that talks about this:
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One provider of these FREE CHARGING stations is named VoltaCharging and I have more info below:

Public EV Charging stations costs around $15 to $25 to fill up on average,
There are some that are more money and there are ones that are FREE.
(one time I filled up and it was $37, It was expensive but cheaper than calling a Tow-Truck!)

Maintenance consists of: wiper blades, wiper fluid, cabin air filter, rotating the tires,
new tires, 12 Volt Battery and the Brakes should last over 100,000 miles.

The main battery under the car should last you 500,000 miles.
At 15,000 miles a year that's 33 years.

In the USA, EV Car batteries have a minimum 8 year, 100,000 mile warranty. If the battery dies at 6 years old, you will get a FREE replacement.

In New Jersey since 2014 there is no state inspection for 100% Electric Vehicles
(One more thing you don't have to do)

In NJ there's NO SALES TAX when you buy a 100% Electric Vehicle (EV)
(I did not have to pay $3555 because of this)

NJ has an EV Incentive named the "NJ Charge UP", It gives back $2000 to $4000 depending on the cost of the EV
(unfortunately it is over for 2023, there is no money left for 2023)

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For more info on all Electric Vehicles availble in the USA click the two links below:

Here's a great WEBSITE to research all Electric Vehicles available in the USA.
Here's a great ARTICLE to research all Electric Vehicles available in the USA.

Here's all the Charging ports you'll find on Electric Vehicles in North America(click image to enlarge):
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If you happen to be buying solar for your home then click this link to save $500

Thanks, Sal Cameli

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I'm a Costco member and with Costco you can save up to $2500 off a new car
if you use their website. I was able to enter the car I wanted and Costo returned with a list
of car dealers they are associated with and I went to one of those dealers and they took off
another $2000!!
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With some browsers the link above won't work.
copy-clip: Sal@ElectricSal.com to send me an email.
Thanks!, Sal Cameli

Sal Cameli aka UBUYGAS

I go to a lot of EV Events where owners of EVs show off their own personal vehicle to help teach NJ citizens about Electric Vehicles.
I also go to Car Shows (almost 100% are FREE to attend show).
I try to attend the Galloping Hill Cruisers "Cruise for a Cause" Every Monday Night (their flyer is below)
Every Monday Night 5pm to 9pm - Come on down - If you want to show your car then come earlier - If you have an EV
then SMS TEXT me (646) 901-4778 and I'll save you a spot next to my car.
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I charge my Tesla on a lot of FREE to use EVcharging Stations. One provider of these stations is Volta,
they display advertisements on the stations and the advertisers pay for my Electricity and I drive for FREE!!!
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If you have questions about Electric Vehicles and how fast they will become the mainstream vehicles in the world
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